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Saturday, May 5, 2012


After all, i am really tired. On Monday i'll be sitting for the mid term exam. Okaaaaaay the minimum marks for my targets is 60, then upper! Orrrgggh this really stress me out :( with those tiny things that makes my life a bit........and i got random feelings. Hm y'know that sometimes i am the one the happiest mammal in the earth then suddenly knocked down. Do people around really need to understand me? Huh i am just nobody. Who care? Either i dont mind their bussiness. Do i look selfish? I still cant think very well, but a bad overthinker. Dumb

And i dont lie when i said that i miss the fifteen me. A girl who used to be strong and dont care about people who hurt her before. And she had figure out that time can heals anything. She loves herself so much and her friends. Work so hard to obtain excellent things in life. Get the happy life without know what love is cause she had been hurt the real deep. But... who used to cry at late night, thinking on her future and sometimes past keep crossing her mind. But it doesnt matter. Wondering will she be able to grab those biggest dream. Trying out the best in every test she was sit for. Standing alone with her own efforts. And the fifteen her, teach her how life supposed to be.

I love to walk alone and starts thinking....the real thing is, What Do I Really Need Right Now? C'mon girl, you are growing. I could be better. I am trying.

Sincerely, hide away the pain. Keep moving and be tough, have faith.

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