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Friday, May 4, 2012



Recently i get busy and tired and lazy to update those little cute things that happened around me. SPM STRAIGHT A'S. Thats what into me right now.

So for the last 25th April, I went to Auditorium UMBI, HUKM with my classmates and seniors. The DNA World Day was awesome. There got another 4 schools and guess what, i really never expect this to happen. Like a miracle. I met my ex foster brother, Amirul Fahmi :') Eh? But we didnt say "Hi". Just a sharp eyes glance :') I know he still remember me when my name was announce as the quiz winner. Thats it, the way he look at me. I know. Hope he will be alright and get the best result for his SPM.

And for the last 28th April, my school had an Entrepreneurship Day.
So....this is le classmates. We had a really joy work-in-team day lol. We are the winner! Ok bongkak :3 I really love my 4A. Y'know.......mula mula kiteorang tak boleh cooperate sampai gaduh gaduh. Semua lain kepala. But......there's something on us yang sweet. We know :)


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