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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I overthink. I cry so hard suddenly. There we go, the feelings that I thought I had forgotten

I just miss. I dreamt about him last night. Then cry so hard suddenly on late night. I miss everything. ALL memory comes back. Think, this year supposed to be his big day. His once fr 4 years birthday, this 29th February. Im sure he'll be diedly delighted. That 1 year ago, eh no, its been 2 years when it comes this June, we had promised to stay till his birthday. Kay, flashback. Sorry. We wont be that same anymore and memory cant be easily erased. Its not Im not move on, its not Im still in love w him. It just, I miss. Obviously there's someone else alr take the portion of my heart. Strictly, I miss. Hope I will meet you soon as a good friend

Yes, I am offended w my surrounding. No worry, this broken heart will heal soon. Im used to mend my heart, by myself. USED TO BE. Its okay

Comfort me, dont lemme down. How long this will stay? Im afraid. Really afraid. I had try so hard to act like nothing happen. But actually, I cant understand my heart well too. Whats wrong? Huh? AFRAID. Thats all. Y'know Im in love w someone that I hate before. AFRAID. Yes, he make me weak and cant ever be brave

As once I had said that, if I ever have a boyfriend, he'll the one that I keep nagging w. Express everything on him. Unfortunately, I dont have one. So, tonight Sofea is the one who be my boyfriend. I expressed to her. She lend his shoulder and listen a lot. Whatta relief. Thanks weh. I dont have anyone. Ungku kat asrama, Put dah lah susah nak contact so berbalik kepada kau. You always be w me right? Thanks fr comfort me. Haritu aku dah dengar cerita kau, so now its your turn :) I trust this 3 idiots a lot. Its not like I do not trust my current friends, but yeaaaah some of my privacy, this 3 sisters know well coz our 6years friendship had explain its enough to share each other well.

Ppl w greatest laugh had been through the greatest pain. Whatever it is, pls get well soon heart, and my swollen eyes

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