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Friday, February 3, 2012

#GaemGyu (':

this namja (':

awful jerk magnae....

Cho Kyuhyun

Well oppa, happy 24th birthday! It aint that old actually. Oppa always look kyeopta, flawless :) Suite you the magnae. hihihi

I miss to watch oppa in live so much. I wanna meet you again, so badly. Be healthy always. Pls know that Im here waiting fr you. kekeke >< naa micheoso. Umm oppa come to Malaysia fast! Im dying wait fr ss4 T__________T Oppa dont know huh? I had stick w you fr 2 years alr. How sweeeeeet. So take me as your wife now! Princess! Oppa dont cheat. Cheat once if I had my boyfriend. hahaha then I'll let you go. Oppa, dont forget elfs here. DONT FORGET ELFS

I hope oppa have a blast day today. Your voice used to be my lullaby (': Hwaiting. So online semata mata nak kejar wish oppa on tweet and updated updated updated. hahaha Lots of 


si ngokngek said...


nnti birthday aku,wish gak tau..herher

WAWA NRR said...

hahaha alright. Bagitahu je bila XD