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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In order to achievement

Motivate is the best way untuk memberi kesedaran. Well, harini je semangat. Besok lusa, dah down. Please NO!

Well thanks to Dr.Shukri coz motivate warga2 exam victims' Stian<3 Abang2, kakak2 seniors ku, hope korang open ur mind and turunkan hidung tinggi korang tu. And dearest PMR line, try ur best especially Mr D, F and H. You three tolong lah buat perubahan. Korang anasir jahat kelas doh. Such a bush

LOL Today ending Nora Elena. Yee aku tengok, so what? Ehh, I don't care what people want to say coz I'll be in same shoes if I do take their stupidness. They're such predator. Woops. Sorry. You care? I don't take it :P Hah! Im in D--->I-->E--->T--->A--->R--->Y Hahaha! Lemak gelebeh2 lah :/ Tak suka. Ahhhh! There's no progress if no change. Soo Waa, you better watch out. Weekend jog dengan Ayah, control makan.

Ohh! Everyday I have to study fr 5hours at home. MESTI! At school 6hours so I have 11hours to study aday. Multiple by 7 fr weekdays = 77hours. Plus 10hours fr Saturday & Sunday = 87hours aweek. And darab darab darab = entah malas nak kira janji aku study.

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