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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The goodbye

Aku tak sempat nak shake her hand, either wish " Selamat Sejahtera cikgu " or smile on her. Tak excpect pun she'll gone today :' Semalam dia masuk class macam biasa, and everybody blunder about her death. Me too.

Cikgu, thanks fr teaching me Geografi when I was 13. And this year, though you've teach me Sejarah fr just half term but I'll keep it fr PMR. Promise teacher :'( Sorry fr make you dissapointed bcoz I drop my Sejarah's score from A to B. Anyway, I will try harder next time. Rest in peace, Cikgu<3 with the baby. You're the best teacher ever. Sorry if I had hurt you before.

*Dedicated for the late of Puan Wikiam Eh Pot

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