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Sunday, December 8, 2013



This is my holidays, currently. New obsession giving me such........... ugh u know that obsession feeling huh guys?

Waa, stop it! Cz i bet my boyfriend might get jealous hahahaha but he said he wont. Eleh yela tu :p and im comfort to blogging back instead of tweeting cz i love privacy. Lagipun blog aku tak ramai readers (i guess) cz aku tinggalkan about a year tau. Tweet nanti semua baca, and definitely mesti got "telor" yang menyampah macam 

shit, kpoppers
pe benda natang kpop kpop
stop la tweet kpop
(in their mind, mostly)

And the worst part that i hate the most is they bash kpork what the fish diorang ni sumpah mental breakdown tahap maximum wa cakap lu =__________= and since aku dah lama jinak jinak dengan kpop its actually a normal thing to read ppl's posts bashing kpop. So i decide to blog. Cz nobody care and THIS IS MY ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Aktiviti sehari,

Dear me oppa T______________________________________T

Is that gambar ni agak annoying? Boleh masuk contest tak agak? lol Waa!!!!! u r 17 in another 5 days omg this is too childish aha biar ah ^^

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