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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec's 1


Its kinda late to say Happy December. Since in ages Dec is my fav month eceh Dec is cute right? Like me >.<

oh yea...earthlings are reaching 2013. Dec seems d fastest month isnt it? Ive no idea on my holiday. I wnt a vacation. Ayah plan macam ayam so let him be. Ive started my tuition so far n d syllabus make me scared, a bit. REALLY AH THS SPEECHLESS ON BLOGGER geeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ppl, i wnt d fifteen me. No loves around. I mean, i didnt thought on boyzzzz? Kpop, obsessions yeap. I wonder how baik was i am when i was fifteen. Seriously evryone noticed it right? D teachers. I miss d way i act on 2011. Strict, soft-hearted ceh when it comes to kpop ah lolololooooool i'll be sitting fr spm nxt year geez? I get so insecure wth d chinese in my tuition class wei. So pandai idk wht they eat, how they did a revision, how did they absorbed everything! Hundred fr addmaths, 86 fr physics. HOW DID THEY SURVIVE?????????????!!??!?!?!?!??

Thts d mission, to make my parents proud of me as they've feed me fr 16 years long n fr my dream future.

So goodnight btw, peace

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