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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thru November


November almost ended n hi.....

Ppls there's nothing much on Nov. Aniq is busy wth his spm n i find lotsa ppl around me were born on Nov so Happy Birthday. Oh yaaaaa, 20/11 birthday ayah n hopefully we'll having dinner somewhere~ im craving fr pizza :3 yuuummmmm lol its supposed kiteorang yang belanja ayah but its turn 69. Ayah yang belanja the family on his birthday. K whateverrrrr

Then the nxt 3 days birthday Jia, then 6 days forward its Maya turn. Oh tht grl, i miss her so much. Shes hving a better life in Sabah now, hopefully. N......my bawang ni looks awesome than before

Idk whts ayah plan fr ths holiday. He seems busy. Macam plan ayam je  =___________= AND I CANT WAIT FR TWILIGHT WTH MY BABY ON THS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!! \(^O^)/ AND HE'LL ACCOMPANY ME TO SHOP SOME OF MY STUFFZZZ hahahaha

Yeaaahhh, aku kan dah macam mabuk kat 1D en? en? Hm i jst wanna cry :'''( i want their tour!!!!!! OH MY HARRY

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