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Monday, July 9, 2012


Its have been a while I didnt post something that I really really want to share sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Aww and i rear to visit Bloggers almost that long since i wasnt here. Ppl glad that now i had such happy ever after life. Weh, does this takes place forever? I hope so. Since when i ever starts to get scared to let lil worth thing in my life? Penakut~ god, since when? I should be strong. Pray is the best weapon. Im still not done

Its not really good to hate people. Whats the point? Its deal for those ppl whom thought Im annoyed them. Hey, you annoyed me too. Think. Ppl shall be smarter than this. Haha Im sorry ppl. So sorry

My mid term result wasnt that good. I just had 4 subjects which i passed my 60 and above target. 4 more below 60 and 1 G. Its addmaths again. I got no A's. Highest, B+ I should stop saying "parents should understand. It isnt that easy" because i think i should blame myself. I've changed. I had been so emotional lately mostly on midnight. I overthink till i feel sad. Stupid me

After all, I am still fine. I still have better life. Such awesome journey

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