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Saturday, July 7, 2012

heart string ><

Hi dearest,

June: no upd. Poyo busy je padahal malas. So so so, in the morning I had a breakfast with Aniq Nabil. oh sib baik tak cirit breakfast filet o fish tadi. Uhmmmm dengan kelazatan coffee McD dia. Tahu tahu jelah kaaaaaan. McD you burst my stomach like nobody else~

He wrote that while Im teaching :) When I said I wanna go home early. Hahaha If there's no him no one will text me early 6 on weekdays. And texting/whatsapp like shitzz. And calling like there's no voice for tomorrow. And waste so many creds. And ekonomi Maxis pun menaik. Ok ok the one that i've keep nagging with is with him. Peeking peeking kat school. Eceh macam zaman crushing dulu n_n hihi

And with ibu's bless lagi lah mengada kan :B And annoyed ppl with our love story. Hahahaha suka hati lah :p Im obsess. Wow pichoso!

  • You're the best :) 

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