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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Live a life


I feel a bit depressed when it comes to April. Why i am so sensitive recently? Oh fuck that shit. School was okay. Friends too. Aniq also. Family always. But, yeaaaa idk whats wrong with myself. As i sit alone in my bed and think, think and think.....oh yeah, its about my study. Those subjects are getting tougher. With this freeze brain and bloody lazy me, how can i success?

Waa, think. Your spm is just next year. It is the guarantee of your future. Your ambition. Hm i know~ i know~ I must work harder. Struggle all out. Guys, im trying okay! Im not just crossing my fingers and goyang kaki. Hell no lah. I keep wondering, am i such un -grateful? Ya Allah, pls forgive me for all what i've done :( Im heedless.

I lie for a reason. Im sorry. Haaaaa i pray my life would getting better. Sure can. If i be good as  i was   fifteen. Im not blaming anyone but so praise for those who change my life even a bit. You know who you are For all people that i know and know me and close with me xx

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