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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well, for this break i have no plan at all. Where to go?  To hang? To chill? To date? Oh this, YES! hahaha i dont  know what to spent my time with. Absolutely homeworks is compulsory and revision and tuition and zzzzzz

Weh, Im stress out. Really get pissed off. Something wrong. Tears burst out. Huh fortunately sayang always be there and his text cheer me up. Haih no one know abt this. I dont want ppl to know this too cause nobody could fix this. That somehow i feel like wanna isolate myself. Feel so down and  like a shit andblablabla~ Hey, why am i saying this? This is not things! Not my thang either. Im tough, man. I could handle this. Peace ^______^v Moreover, i hate it if i catch myself get dumb by stupid things. Huh. The way to let this, i curse. Curse a lot. BABI! Lalala~

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