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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm into this


Long time no update inconjuction with my March test. The result was A,B,C,G! Uh one failed and its addmaths and it doesnt matter. It just a test. I'll beat mid term! I 'll work harder! Im saying this seriously with lazy sound. lol am i look nonchalant? lalala~ but serious lah i want changing. C'mon~ muka ni boleh percaya ah

Btw, im severe lovesick with bloody Aniq. Guys, can i repeat this hundred times? I'M IN LOVE. WE'RE IN LOVE. LOVES KEEP SPREADING. I wish this could stay. Pls. Haa no need to story lah the day we date. Cycling. Ice cream. Raining. Ceh x) Jia and Myo were the witnesses. I never expect we would go this far. Its six kilometer alr! Hahahahahaha even we seems like stranger in school, but huh ppl dont know lah whats happening outside the line. Eh, i mean outside the school. Hihihi woi he's great. He's different. Am i mean he's the last? Oh, i wish so. Lemme be his first and last.

I love you :-* we could make this to un-countable kilometer eh sayang? :)

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