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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

First post for the date of 29th February.

Happy birthday, Muhd Azamuddin Roslan and thanks for the midnight call on yesterday night. I'm the first person to call huh? Ok, terharu x)

Broken with Patrick. idk. Dont ask. I need the truth. Thats it

4 Amanah is the sweetest okay. Dah lah sepah kan rak buku teks science stream. Then kena jemur tengah panas sebab tiga perempuan gengster merujuk kepada myself, Myo and Jia. K perasan kiteorang ngorat dia lettew XP Sorry gais. Kita sweet ok. Kita sweet. Lupa ke? Myo and Jia keep saying that they are troublemaker. lol emosial

And i eat a lot of candies in the class. Tension mungkin. With my own hard feelings. But i know i can be tough coz there's dolls who will always be with me. And calculation makes me forget my problem. Seriously cool. Kbye enjoy ur leap day gais :*

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