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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday dot


Like usual, i'll go to Martin every Saturday, having my extra class for Physic and AddMaths. Anwar and Umaas used to be the best tutor ever. And today Anwar yelled like WHAT THE FUCK!? Guys, he got the best appearance among the tutors there with an Arabian and idk whats the mix. The Engineering Electrical course and blablabla. But his style looks quite arrogant sometimes. He get mad easily when ppl cant cooperate with him like "I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANY VOICES WHEN IM TEACHING. AT ALL"

He really mean the "at all" cause even a sound of "krek" he can even heard. Haiyooo and tadi, i think i should blame that bloody chinese guy. Eeeeeeeeeeeee stress gila ah class Physic tadi. Sumpah! It become worst when i sat at the back of the girl yang her sized is quite big. errr not quite but physically big. And the guy besides her pun sama and the girl besides me pun 2x5. Huh i cant figure out whats going on in front so lagilah stress out ugh! But i still love the class.  A lil bit. Sincerely i cant cooperate with stupid Physics formula since masuk chapter 2 ni. Defuq dizzy hooooo

On my way to reach home at the train, i was bumped into Patrick hihihi :B
"You looks cute"

And Anis, happy birthday.

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