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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late night tears....

Im just about to cry. And suddenly, tears shed. Idk. I love him. I get jealous. I keep curious. I want to know more. I want him to tell the truth. I want to keep him. Whats on his mind? I dont want to hold his promises but its pleasure if he always get remember that he had promised me w those biggest dream. Sort of things that I didnt tell him. What I feels. Cause once he had ask me to not expect something more. Thats why, I just let this be w me, alone. Ppl dont know you, me, what did we do, well. Thats why they just simply criticize us. In fact, we know well whats going on. We're the author. Just onething, dont keep lies w me and dont break my heart for the twice. You had once, remember? How to let him know this? Ugh I hate to cry! Morever if its such a waste. But, its okay to cry. Im used to cry more more and more. Every year. Hm goodnight bitch, xxxx 

stupid silly pathetic me

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