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Monday, January 30, 2012

Everything went ohsem!

School starts today after a weeks of CNY break. The morning supposed to be a bit crack morning -.- The Principle, she's become annoying annoying and annoying~ Friends was good. Just................. *censored* Wana texting w Ares. Err tak jealous. SUMPAH tak jealous

Well, Teacher Eugiene looks great today :) She must be very delighted w her CNY celebration.

"Saya taknak marah-marah harini. Nanti luck CNY saya lari"

hahaha actually, Teacher Eugiene reminds me of "Im funny guy" shirt. Oscar? Errr wtv. I got some plans w Jia, Myo and Anis fr this upcoming Wednesday. Umm, Biology lesson was also awesome. Testosteron. har har har XD I hope I get excellent marks fr the quiz. Maths and Agama also. Applaud! Haaaaa, seriously school is getting okay now. I mean, the lesson session ONLY! Haihh, the discipline regulation is so tight y'know. Lebihlebih Principle baru ni kan. Eeeeee nak kick out je dia. Gaji eight seven k. Heh? Heran -..- And the compulsary is, HOMEWORKS memang tak dapat lari. Nvm I know how to manage everything even sometimes Im kinda slow. lalala~

Btw, Nizam ftw! Walaweh hensem siot mamat ni. Bertambah tambah ke gentlelan Korea dia en. I went upstairs to Account class semata mata nak tengok dia w his new Korean style spec. Ugh dah lah putih melepak. Wait, what kind of foundation are you currently use weh? Putih nyeeeeew T____________T Ikr he alr fair since he was in primary school. He's natural fair dudes. Kay Nizam, gajah depan mata kau tak nampak en? Hahaha XD Waa.... stop it. No matter what it is, Nizam is the HANDSOME -est and COOL -est guy of f4 batch of Seri Tasik. Dengan style Korea guy dia. Ugh dah, shut up!

Taecyeon Malaysia weh! Taecyeon Malaysia. Untuk Peah je kan? Untuk aku? tsk tsk T______T

Btw, Im fall fr my study now. Seriously semangat suddenly.............. And un-declared guy, I miss you

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