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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ubi Kentang ♥

All wishes, thank you very much. You guys make me smile :) I'm awesome right? 15 awesome. hahaha December wasn't that late, but it's cute okay?????????? ^___________^

So, yesterday Sofea and I had our date. Well, Putri and Ungku wasn't there. But, we still have fun. Gossipingsssss. Ubi Kentang. hahahhahahahaha I will remember this word till my last breath


Sofea just gave a beautiful hairband. Nak bayar sangat en, belanja aku ^____^ well, the price wasn't the issue. It just, how you give and how you should be grate. Putri and Ungku, we will gather back soon. Again, Happy Birthday, Me WUPS

Uuh, you see you see. Kyuhyun oppa and that blue mafla that Siwon wore on ss3. Flashback you ^___^

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