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Friday, December 16, 2011

Heading to the stars

Anyeonghaesayo lovely readers,

First of all, thanks to new followers. It's gaining day by day. Oh my, thank you very much. If it doesn't burden me, I'll hit you guys back :) *blinkblink*

The result is coming soon. But why I keep sitting in front of this pc? Oh Allah, sebelum apa2 jadi, I wanna make a wish, I hope I get 6A's, at least. Or, minimum 5A'S. Straight A's would be the best. Hmm, takutnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :'( sampai terkadang termenangis. Ok,it's normal dude. Lebih2 lagi time dapat result. Oh myyy silly me :3 Takde pape lah tuuuuuu. What I'll get on that day would be based on my effort. Ummmmm, what if I make Ayah & Ibu dissapointed again like 4years ago? :'( Thats make me mad. Pelajar harapan, on trial I've got 4A's 1B but on the real UPSR, I only got 3A's. Sedih! You know, parents always want us to give them the best and WE! as their child should try the best.

My bestfriend forever, Sofea had went to Japan and hopefully she would bring some souvenirs for WUPS! hahahahaha Ramai hot dudes there, jelly me. Ok, someday WUPS will having our own trip to somewhere. Korea! Ohmyyyyyy :3

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