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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I was born as a skinny baby but slightly growing bigger when I was six. I wonder what Ibu had feed me with. But I know, maybe I am inherits my father's side whom with tough wide sized. Somehow, I try. Tryin to loss my weight for ten kilos for two month. Quite challenging. Control my meals and activated myself. That doesn't enough. I know I should do more.

Second, trying to make my hair longer. How? It just keep thicking. However, Alhamdullillah cause they're healthy. They are obey whenever I comb them. Haha Possibly if I never had layered-cut before my hair would be much better. Semua sama panjang. Hm so, Alhamdullillah. Bersyukur dengan rambut yang ada. Those layered sometimes make them yaaaaaaaaaaa (praise myself) hikhok

Thirdly, I wanna brighter skin. It doesn't mean too fair. Just I WANT TO BE BRIGHTER! Feels like 10 budak hitam. Hurgh =____=  Strips pulak tu. Hell do. I was born fair, just like Ibu<33 Uhuksss Bukan tak bersyukur, but yeah sometimes I should be grateful for who I am.

Lastly, get a glory result. So badly. This is my future. I studied for my parents. Hm, that is my responsible. Ya Allah, takutnya nak dapat result nanti. I want to be a better person. Again, for Ibu and Ayah.


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