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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The recall of 2007

Hye, Assalammualaikum

World, aku senang dipengaruhi oleh surrounding. Seriously. Thats sometimes grow me. Did you ever sit alone, in your bedroom. And sudden recall the first ever thing that teach you about hopes, cry and try? Hm

I had my first love when I was ten. (2006) That time, he was eleven, my senior. Cute, fair complexion, arrogant, smart, popular and be the best interested among girl's junior. Sometimes a wicked, prefect, a son of a teacher, I stalk him, I know where he live but I didn't take it serious.

2007. I had strongly love him like boozah! He had his UPSR. Oooho, every single nights when he came out from Nadi, I'll watch him out through my window. His mom, (I guess) fetch him. With green apple Avanza. I became his bestfriends adik angkat, whereas the head prefect just to adjust me for him. Unfortunately, I was rejected. It was umm, perhaps I was nerd, big size girl, ugly, retarded and aah! He had girlfriend. His girlfriend, or officially ex are in the same school with me. Arrogant senior. Seriously =='

I had stalk his sister and lil brother. As I know, his siblings were inherits as smart students. Hmm, you know he had once text me to ask me to stop loving him :O And I never forget the day when I and my friends were escaping to the pre-school when saw him with my abang angkat walking to the canteen and we almost bumped. My abang angkat loved to tease me like A B C D E F G H I J K! The K echo would be the loudest, stand for his name :') haha

And you know the day when he and his friend crossed me like so close! asdfghjkl at the library balcony. I just can even silence and omg! And I avoid my chess club because he was on the same club too! Always watch him on assembly. And I had three diaries that all wrote about him. Unfortunately, all were thrown. I miss to read them once again.

Oh! Oh! Yeah! That day when I was bumped by him on the car parking and I was like asdfghjkl messy to avoid him. lols I wish he didn't noticed me. The last day that I remember, when he gets 5A's on UPSR. I gave him baby crystals. hahaha When I keep thinking back, ain't that fucking funny? rotfl At first, he refused to accept it. But then Im certain he took it at last when my abang angkat text me to pass his thanks to me.

And, hm. That was last. Last till I ever met him again, this year on his school's Entrepreneurs Day. He currently in the same school with my bestfriend, Sains Selangor.
I bet you guys still remember this post. Haaaaaaaaaaa :3 The loves might fade whereas the time pass by. He even didn't recognize me. Maybe I had loss my weight. Hikhik we never talk. I found his Facebook but errr still like 5 years ago. Lack of confident. Too hope he still keep the baby crystals. That day my heart fluttered to see him again after long time no see. And yeah, he change a lot. Thank you for gimme a chance to learn what love/crush is. I know you won't read this.

Indeed, he was declared as the first man.

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