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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Move on with new strength

Hye, Hello, Assalamualaikum.


I keep thinking again, again and again. And all the ultimate is .... yeah, I have to stop thinking about LOVE. The crush. Hm, it's okay. Perhaps the time still haven't permits everything to flow smoothly. So, it must be someday. SOMEDAY. When I grow up, as an adolescene. As a woman with high caliber, respected, career, maturity and wisdom and uh yeah, just wait and see. To believe in myself, I could abandon all these hard feelings for temporary. And next, forever.

this had been taken on 30/9/2011
Love for friends does last forever. Family. Ourself. And Allah too. Without we notice it. Happy Birthday to my brother, Meor Al -Fayeed. Walaupun aku seorang kakak yang jahat kerana membenci dan selalu cari pasal dengan kau. xoxo.

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