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Friday, October 28, 2011

#Part 2 of Someday we will miss today

Haha I found and stole this from my friends. Ahh, budak satu batch. Takpe en Aaina? Lagipun, gambar kiteorang. Hikhok Ok, this is the frame of Group 3 on Hari Penyembelihan Ayam. The left: Nor Amiera Najiha, Nur Mariah Prudentee, Nurul Amirah and me, Maizatul Waheeda. lols Kerja aku makan makan and makan and that fucking face. Hurghhh! Im not ready yet lah time ni -.- And you can see Myo work hard and Maya is helping and Jia, make a pretty face. lolsss Anyway, LOVE! Boys at the back, abaikan. Low quality of picture but you know, high quality of memories. PEACE :)

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