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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I act strong

Quite hard to fall with someone that you know he'll never fall as return.
And you wait for his call or text. And you silently stalk him behind.
And you cry every single night. And you feels jealous towards girls who come near him.
And you say to yourself you're missing him.
And you keep talking about him with your chicks though you know they're get boring.
And you keep wondering did he stalking you as you stalking him.
And you start talking with the mirror about your appearance.
And you keep dreaming about him every single night.
And somehow you get mad on him or getting bored for waiting or sometimes you get offended with his attitude that you feels he is neglecting you even he knows you're in love with him.
And you hope too much that he'll love you someday.
And you're the happiest girl during PMR because he sit in front you.
And on the last day of PMR, when he went out earlier you felt so dumb and sad.
And you gave him an origami and hope he'll keep it last longer.
And you skip your school to avoiding him.
And you try to find out about his brother because you care too much.
And when you see his mom, you feels like "Makcik, saya suka anak makcik" .
And you stole his number.
And he is the first man who stole your heart with the simplest appearance.
And you need to do something new everyday to make sure you are not thinking about him.
And you tried to make him jealous.
And when outside getting rains, your tears get rains too.
And you act strong and laugh when he across in front or close his eyes into you.
And actually, you are in love with your bestfriends.
And lastly, you had force or promise to yourself to forget him. This is hard enough.

Yes, I lie to myself. I can't take this anymore.

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