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Saturday, March 12, 2011

smile , stare & tears :')

I have nothing to post about. Just nak ingatkan there's 1 week more :)

I don't know who am I thinking about. 4months is too long to be alone. For me who is alone without :) HAHA ~ Ehh ? Aku ade parents lagi okayy :P Takdelah , tadi jalan dekat blog2 yang dilamun cintan. Err ? ==' Yang jiwang tuh karat habis , yang tengah sedih tuh sedih lah kan. Yang bahagia tak ingat dunia. Manusiaaaaaa ~~

Okayyy , stop ! Tak penting pun doh. PMR aku lagi penting. If I work more smart , I can achieve it. Blogger , this is my sincere confession. Kyuhyun is like pain reliever for me. When past moment crossed my mind :') Have a relaxing holiday yahh. I can't stop working. HEE. Goodnight <3

*currently listening Back to December - Taylor Swift

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