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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Even if i understand that u r getting busier thn before, is thr no space fr me even jst fr an hour?


I knew a guy. He used to cll me, frequently. Well that actually i wait fr a cll from my baby. Tapi org lain pulak call

That guy, i asked him y did he waste his time on me. Skipping his hostel, go to bed late to cll me on midnite, cll me b4 maghrib n on his evening break n he simply said "well anything fr u. Idk"

Macam cliche....

Tapi y my baby didnt do the same thing to me thru this 4 weeks?

We jst hd a small talk. Nampak macam aku belum cukup understanding. Yeh? Pape jela. May force be with me. And God will always be by myside

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