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Thursday, August 9, 2012

so malas to write the title, so untitled

\morning fresh face/
I didnt plan to skip sch. Oh my up late, tu lah overdose jimba sleep late last night buat hape tah. Teruk! Dah lah today got Chemist experiment. Dengar katanya lah.... Alah, perhaps i didnt get any opportunity for today. So sad friends....... tipu sikit. Annoy shit of me. Blerghhh

And i found it aint easy to stay at home actually. I hate it. Tidying up my room, vacuums, hanging clothes, wipes dining table, washing dishes, k stop it. STOP! This is what the real jimba? Whut!? Eat your dust lah. I miss my class :( only my class eh. And my bestfriends too. Ciisei i must be missed some learning lesson for today or discussion for the exam papers or the announcement of the highest marks. Patheticssss. You know aku tak suka bila kena masuk class then tanya "wei, siapa paling tinggi?" ok macam dah tak suprising dah. Takde suasana tepuk tepuk tu. Haish oh god i hope there's no discussion such thing or whatever i missed today. Bawak lah ke esok/next week.

But still, i am enjoying the day i've been through. Through thick and thin. p/s: i've been sitting in front of this laptop just to post this for 3 hours. lol what!? really good on wasting time aite? Peace..

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