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Friday, March 16, 2012

Inner said

wake up, I'm trying to show you
I wanna come clean
you mean more than you should mean

but I'm willing to be

the one that you put on a pedestal
the one that you see in your dreams
the one that you hide your true self from
the one you want to please

and I know that it's wrong to want something
so false and so fake
it's not that I want to fix you
I just want to get my way

cause you're the one that I put on a pedestal
the one who keeps coming back to me
the one that I gave my whole heart to
the one who makes me believe

I want a love that's side by side
I want a love that holds me tight
I want a love that feels like a dream
but when I wake up, he's still there with me

so put me up on a pedestal
give me everything I need
but give it to me so completely
that there will be no more wishing

I am just telling you that the lyrics is beautiful. I love this once till now. Keep singing everywhere. Nunite :)

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