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Sunday, January 8, 2012

When the fifteen turns sixteen

It's been too long no update. Walaweh, kinda busy. The first week, quite fun. Mintak mintak jangan lah first week je. Oh! Lets introduce the class :)

4 Amanah the name was given. 22 girls vs 10 boys. harharhar Syafiq Fauzi tu tak tahu lah mana -.- Some rumors kata pindah. K, wtv.  Ehem! There's A there. Defuq. Totally awkward but whatever it is, you know, the mission is to dominate pure science. Aaaaaaand, new deskmate, Ger :) Btw, I know this year would probably be the new experience for me. W the new heavy subjects, new format, new mate, new surrounding. Ugh! I try my best.

Maya, I'll miss you. Hmmmm, takecare there. Study smarter and dont ever forget us here :'( She'll fly to Sabah tmr night. Ummmm, nanti rajin rajin sikit weh datang sini. I beg you read this. I love you so much, bawang :'(

Dude, could this stay?

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