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Monday, January 23, 2012

Talking to myself

Hye, tak mandi lagi. Ugh kesah?

My life would become better better and better now. Umm, perhaps there's......K, cut! Btw, i miss my old me. Fifteen me. With no man to hold on. Move on, growing as totally completely single lady, girl teen. Im not that lonely actually *tipu sikit* Friends keep comfort me. Teachers also. And books. harharhar I got no man to think about. The brokenheart really teach me how to survive. Y'know, without man you still can stay alive, girls. Allah alr wrote something that you couldnt read w your naked eyes. Be patient. Life such a journey -flashback

*Now onSomehow I feel scared to face 16. The fear that I always think, will I be that 14 bad again? I dont want to :( And somehow I thought that I have to abandon love. Im such this young still! Oh no, humans need love however bad the situation is. Really? Hmmm but this stupid me still got friends, parents to charge the loves. The man would give me someday. Whenever my mindset ask me to leave him, the heart will never authorize that. But, friends had told me that if we did wrong decision, doesnt mean we would lose the right man. Yeah, I note that

Does love really would ruins you? Hm idk. Fortunately Im not that lost. That boy, I miss him but everytime I text him, blank. No idea. But, I really want him to know I really miss him :( I cant tell him. I cant to. Sorry. Dont ask me why. I love him too but still, I cant confess. Why macam mayat hidup yang tak berdaya nak buat apa-apa? Ugh thats me. Seriously. I wont repeat worth words for hundred times. Gila memendam. harharhar dah biasa, dah pro dah. hihihi I wish you know that I love you but not so sure whether this is temporary or forever. I think you remember my words "nothing last forever huh" :-) Aaaaaaaand, how come I'm in love w someone that I really hate before and hurt me like oh bila difikirkan balik I would be so cold w him suddenly. Again, REALLY HATE BEFORE :( Tell me

My heart gets tired. Tears could not comes out anymore. Unless, if it does really hurt me inside. Ni cinta monyet je kan? K, just note this, someday you'll find me as a doctor or a pilot and a wife fr my endless husband and a good mom of my child. Bye

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