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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wrong places


Perhaps here wasnt the right place. This feelings, kalau dah tak boleh bear lagi we just need to express to somebody who's trusted. Stress! We can't make a tricks on words. It hurts instead so is it a "sorry" just an enough? or maybe, by saying that "marah is sayang" could fix everything alright? Sedih! Ke aku ni emo lebih? No. Everybody does offended. But, tak boleh nak amik hati sangat. Nanti disrecpect. So? Matilah~ Telan jelah selagi boleh. This life, kita tak boleh nak depends sangat dengan others. Even sometimes we couldn't lend our family or friends hand. Stand by our force and act strong even takde ah kuat mana. At least, slowly you'll get the magic. Pray

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