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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ok! Dammit

Firts impression of reading;


Second impression;




Uhkay, actually I've got no feelings at all when reading that. Just shock! A bit naustating, annoying, jerk. Okay, boo you! Weh, pls ah. If I could I would left you behind, stop missing you, that, those. Kshit. Y'know it just promises that I hold may safe this complicated situation. I dont broke promises. Completely, I up my middle finger for myself. Feels like eating my own brain. Still alive, but just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waa, look what you had done! What you had promises! So know on, I knew that I dont really know you well. Fortunately, no tears come out. Fuhhhh! You're too complicated for me. Boo yah

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