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Friday, December 30, 2011


Just now, I peeking my first love. Oh, he's cool. Growing. Ehem! He's better educate from me. He already leave me behind. Next year, he declared as SPM candidates. Uh yes, I knew he could pass it. He's the best. Ain't you know he's damn smart. Last year PMR, 8A's. UPSR 2007, 5A's. Goodluck Kamal. Goodluck. Someone put me in pain and I should thanked you because you're the one who teach me what love is for the first time. I'm delighted if we ever met once again. Kan people keep saying that first love tidak boleh dilupakan. Yucksss! I thumbs for 99.9% >< hahaha I wanna met you in Sains Selangor. Why so gatal aku ni? Silly. Whatever

I've tried to not to put myself in love. But, I'm failed! FAILED :) No matter how hard this feeling be, I'll fix myself. Mend my heart. The result was the best thing enough for me to think on my future. Love, ummm someday Mr. Forever would come save me like in fiction love story. Oh oh! I prefer Snow White. harharhar Totally upset. Hmmmmmm whatever. Im tough. Have faith. That such useless if you keep thinking about it. Thats not the guarantee of my future. Don't cry over a spilt milk. Past and mistakes was good enough to teach me. I may cry, I may feel the regrets, I may inhale the misery. But somehow, don't be overacted. It's not good.

I'll think positive. Leave those shits behind. Forget about boyfriend, love. Comfort myself. Be serious on my study cause 2013 is not that count. I don't want to change anything cause I know, I am standing on the right way now. I'm doing the best, as I could. 2011 was my best year ever. I'm saying this seriously. No such vain

"No more third chance. I love you and I'm sure, I'll miss you Bojan. You were the last for now on but that someday someone will takecare of me then. Takecare, goodluck too :)"

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