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Friday, December 9, 2011

A little pain with fraud

photo by me
Hye baby, I just arrived in KL. Ummm, I miss Terengganu already :( Ehem! I did hope to not falling with guys but I know now, I couldn't make it. This hard feelings with little pain and sorrow may ruins me on a blink. And I am still tired with too much hopes. It's sick. But whenever he fluttered my heart, tears would come out. I am born with low quality of patienity. I am sorry, this loneliness doesnt kill me at all. But, he did. Even if  I am trying, it still couldnt be fix but the worse it get comes into pieces. I hope this hard feelings will fly away as soon as possible. What on Earth I am supposed to do? Did silence is the best solution? Did I know my heart well? Saranghae

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