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Friday, December 23, 2011


K, first of all alhamdulillah sangat-sangat (': Though tak straight, but it's okay lah. Everything happen with a reason. After this maybe I should work harder for my SPM, 2013. Huuuuuuuuuu ;D The proudest thing is, I could make Ibu and Ayah happy like fucking shit. They told me to do the best for my SPM. Then, I promised! Oh, perhaps next year SBP welcome me. lols I loved the way my class teacher kasi suprise. Ohkay, menangis menangis menangis (': Tapi, yang aku menyampah sangat, KH aku B! Hell do much. Dah ada kerja kursus support pun, still B. Baboya! :3

For my lovely friends, congrats! Chukahae! Semua gred ada. 8A's, 7A's, 6A's and 5A's. For my friends with no A's, ummmm korang try for SPM okay? Jangan sedih2 :/ We are friends. No matter what it be, have faith and work harder ohkay! Alhamdulillah :') All the present from my lovely family, thank you very much

P/s: Aloh Peah, terharu aku tengok post kau about aku tu and WUPS! (': Thanks baby

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