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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just pls, time fly a bit faster!

How would my life be when I'm on my new school? I mean, new friends? New surrounding? Errrrrrrr Just aku hope this thing je:
  1. There's hot dudes. hahaha ><
  2. Good friends but my old buddy there's no doubt :'(
  3. Pretty atmosphere of study
  4. New forever die soulmate. bitch me, hahaha 
  5. Prom night
  6. I wanna make friends w Chinese and Indian. 1Malaysia!
Bold here; I want someone new in my life. Soulmate. Perhaps he would be my future husband *bangang*

Ehem! I forgot something. I got 6A'S berkat doa cikgu2. I know they pray for me too. But I think, the best pray is from Ustadz Afiq. Entah lah, I think the most from him. Jelly Wana aku letak nama Ustadz Afiq kat sini. hahahahahaha Favourite Ustadz ye Wana? :P

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