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Monday, November 21, 2011

Whoever You Are, Be The Good One

The day when suddenly you felt like want to make a change of yourself. Sort of. Even you feel totally empty and you couldn't explain in words, couldn't explain by writing and all you could do is thinking and be far from everything, surrounding. Move on.... reading books and making files to make sure you are secure enough to be the new you.

At sometimes you had to be selfish. Abandon your family, parents and friends. Try to connect yourself with The Inventor and ask Him to extinguish your sins. You wants to be like a new born baby. No sins. Start with zero. But you know, you couldn't spin life back. We were all undergo natural phenomenon. You know, this changing melibatkan yourself with Allah. I want to feel the way how being highly honour. Make your parents proud and shut all the doggy sounds. Hmm

I want 8A's too badly :( Or even 6A's. I can't focus on some papers but I hope Allah gives me miracles. Ya Allah~~~~~~~ I wonder, where's my paper now. Who's checking them? #THEND

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