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Friday, October 14, 2011

Try to understand

Early in mooooooooooorning, I skip my school. Hmmm? Sekolah bosan, stay home bosan, lepak pun bosan. I've no idea with this. Tell me. I miss my books, my study T_______________T

7:07 am, Friday (today/just now)
I stalk him through my window again. Watching his slow motion walk to school. With his red Body Glove bag, and wearing sport suit. Habis lah dia kena denda (dalam hati) Today supposed to wear Baju Kebangsaan. Alhamdulillah dia sampai dengan selamat, masuk dalam sekolah masih dengan slow motion dia. He did hurt me but I still care. No matter, I just love him. Lantak lah dia care or not, but I am somebody who need to express my feelings. Thousand times I said, I love you

Behaviour dia dah lah hurt aku, then stalk his status ;

'Don't give up. Have a better man than me :)'

I know this one for me. Instinct aku selalu betul. KAN WEH!? KAN!? KAN!? Siapa lagi yang gila kat kau besides aku? Huuurghhh! T______________T See? He still can smile. Dude, how can I find others if you're the one? Tell me? Or just tell me you've other better than me OR still having love with your past crush. Blablabla ~ At least, talk to me. Call me. Greet me. All that may relieves me.

The clock tick 7:43 am but Nor Amiera Najiha still didn't gimme any call -..- Ni lah plan ayam namanya. Pfft.

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