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Monday, October 24, 2011

A scar

I think this life is no need to be too sentimental BUT I am. I admit, lately I feel a bit offended with my surrounding. I don't know whats the point. It just, hmmmmmmm I feel.

I always keep thinking, if now I have a boyfriend, I would tell him everything. What I feel. I'll cry as loud as I may on his shoulder and I keep nagging till he tell me to stop. I barely think people surrounding were neglecting me. And I was like beggar who showed my love for them, but they disregard it. How hurt would you be if you are in the same boots. Tell me. How hurt? Should you obey with this feelings rhytm or just move on?

Somehow I am afraid. Afraid if I would lose my crush. I had once lose my beloved. Senang cerita aku dengan dia macam bestfriends cause he didnt know my feeling. I decided to not tellin' him. Besides, he still in love with his ex. And Im too sure his ex does too. Obviously, I am become damn suck jealous.

And night, tears will come out. Without any sense. I am loner. Such 1years pass by. I am still loner. Kadang-kadang bila terlampau sedih I lost. Nak luahkan dekat someone. But, I don't know who. Perhaps the best one is Allah. I am not sure when this sorrow would end up.

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