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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No wings to fly

Perkara yang kecil tak perlu diperbesarkan BUT I say this YES! Sebatang pen sudah memadai untuk menyakitkan hati ini ditambah lagi dengan tengkingan yang menyakitkan hati = PERGI MAMPUS Sorry friend, i love you

And today, I had gave him an origami. It's a bird :') Cehh, nak bajet Korea-Korea ah ni? Memang sikit. Hihihi And I slipped a line of words 사랑해 so that he'll know my feelings. I guess he know the meaning -..- Hampehhhh. So, Ger make a call on him . Well, he promise to call me tonight but no guarantee. He gimme such a hope. askdghjkhsjd Actually he's not. Hmmmmm

Please keep the birds safely on your arms <3

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