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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Couldn't be like this

Oh hye, assalamualaikum.

Me: I had new crush
People inside me: Oh really? Hmm, then?
Me: I don't know :/
People inside me: Don't allow it live inside your mind and heart.
Me: Ok........ But? Hmmmmm
People inside me: What about A anak A? I bet if you come to school, you might fall for him back.
Me: *thinking*
People inside me: I know Waa, it's too hard.
Me: *thinking. And I just done stalking my new crush*

Oh well, I am still thinking. Guys, any options? Help me please? :/ I am too pathetic. Grrrrrrr A anak A always with his own reason yang tak masuk akal =.= Im getting tired man. Getting bored. I can't go on with ones who loves to hold on =.= That man ke aku nak kejar. K, wtv. Kau kejar aku balik, jatuh kau dalam longkang. Goodnight.

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