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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Amazing us

When a cup of Tutti Frutti doesn't worth to be compared with our friendship, so? We need to eat it more and more till we broke. Harharrrharrrr

They're my sister

And again yess ....

So, we are fabulous WUPS  ♥

Ungku Nurilidayana genius Science mom who lead us, followed by Putri Nur' Fatehah who is the awesome one and Sofea Mardiana with her shawl and I, the youngest big Maizatul Waheeda. Our friendship last longer for 5years since we're 11. Terbentuk akibat daripada keinginan mengacau seorang budak lelaki bernama _______________. Harharharrr xD

After 3years tak gather berempat so, yesterday feels like we're the coolest gang and RAPAT gila! Harharr so the next date is 2weeks to go. We are something like candies. Still sweet, even more sweeter than 5years ago. Hihihi I love them, xo's

"Next year kita sekolah sama-sama eh" -Putri

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