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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Know yaa'

Being Inspirit is not to cry. K Waa, lekk :)

I just miss my oppa :'( If Allah give me just one chance to spent time with them, I will decide to treat them as my boy. Ohh LOL. BOGO SIPEOSO OPPA!!!!!!!!

Since Jaejoong oppa tweet that he love N.O -Infinite kan then there're so many Cassie view the MV. Almost Cassie start to be Inspirit just because of Jaejoong. K, here takde rasa ape pun. Happy cuz Inspirit is gaining but ada certain Cassie seems like unpleased with this situation. Then diorang kutuk Infinite. Pfft. Please Cassie don't do this. Imma Cassie before and ohh please! BE MORE SINCERE

B1A4 stands for Baro the one who has B blood type while A4 stands for JinYoung, Sandeul, Gongchan and CNU who have A blood type. Amazing. Creative :)

And oppa, I will learn not to cry k? :') Their songs just like a strong influence for me. Kayy kay, SARANGHAMNIDA<3

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