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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

first March has cracked

Annyeong reader !

Make a bow first :)
At dawn , when earth were asleep I prayed that everything will be alright & counting for 19 March. HEE

But actually today is damnshit. Everything cracked. I just making files and lies. Pfft ?

For those who doesn't bring you book, wrote this ' I will always bring my book to school ' 80 times on your notebook

The teacher says T___T Then I complete it with an open heart. How kind I am

Might be a little awkward when only a piece of nametag of Kyuhyun, makes the whole atmosphere became tense. Is it ? Seems like what the hell freak you are Waa. But what should I do. I'd really appreciate that tag though it doesn't carved by CHO KYUHYUN  but there's Kyuhyun name T___T People might think that he is not the matter of my life death, my religion or my deeds, but please have some mercy. Ohh ! I don't need your mercy either =.= Just get your own life. This is what I called GILER OBSESS. Kau tahu apa ? You should learn what is life dude. Maya jeh yang nampak macam mane aku menangis time nametag tuh hilang T____T Saranghae chinguya

You may think I'm not Kyu's wife but I'm her princess ^^ Okayy ?

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